Freshman Student

Written by Katie Dwyer for HackCollege. Moving to college is a stressful moment—a full transition from life at home to a new academic, social, geographic, and personal reality. For many of us who set out on the stereotypical dorm life college reality, freshman year involves packing up and moving out, in a single moment becoming both […]

Originally posted on Open Assembly Blog:
For all kinds of learners, summer offers an extended stretch of time to discover new ideas and skills on an informal basis. With the fall semester approaching, this got Open Assembly intern Elise Melconian thinking about informal education within more conventional and formal contexts. As easily as typing a question into…

Students who used longhand remembered more and had a deeper understanding of the material Walk into any college class and you will likely see most of the students on laptops feverishly typing every word the professor says but Cindi May reports for Scientific American how and why the old school method trumps technology when it comes to taking […]

You can learn jazz appreciation from a computer. But you'll never learn how to be cool like Miles Davis.

Education technology and MOOCs took the traditional format of lectures and translated them into easily accessible and wildly popular online forums. While low completion rates draw criticism and bring the quality of online courses into question, higher education institutions must find new ways to identify and measure quality while improving the effectiveness of online learning. In the following […]

In this article for The Huffington Post blog, Zach Cutler identifies some of the ways higher education must adapt in order to stay relevant to younger generations. Millennials are making their mark on higher education. This plugged-in generation learns differently, and education institutions are starting to take note. Yet the education industry, with its emphasis on “focus work” […]


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