Research psychologist Angela Duckworth discusses her approach to teaching students grit and self-control at the September 2012 NBC News Education Nation summit in New York.


Grit & self-control. Are they the keystones to academic success? The following article from National Geographic profiles Professor Angela Duckworth and her team as they measure the character traits may predict student success. Written by Marguerite Del Giudice Angela Duckworth and her team devise strategies to help students learn how to work hard and adapt in the face […]

Teacher mentoring Student

Written by Thomas L. Friedman for The New York Times. With millions of students returning to school — both K-12 and college — this is a good time to review the intriguing results of some research that Gallup did over the past year, exploring the linkages between education and long-term success in the workplace. That is: What […]

Freshman Student

Written by Katie Dwyer for HackCollege. Moving to college is a stressful moment—a full transition from life at home to a new academic, social, geographic, and personal reality. For many of us who set out on the stereotypical dorm life college reality, freshman year involves packing up and moving out, in a single moment becoming both […]

Originally posted on Open Assembly Blog:
For all kinds of learners, summer offers an extended stretch of time to discover new ideas and skills on an informal basis. With the fall semester approaching, this got Open Assembly intern Elise Melconian thinking about informal education within more conventional and formal contexts. As easily as typing a question into…

Students who used longhand remembered more and had a deeper understanding of the material Walk into any college class and you will likely see most of the students on laptops feverishly typing every word the professor says but Cindi May reports for Scientific American how and why the old school method trumps technology when it comes to taking […]


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